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Why my step file is not valid?

When you try to build your recipe, you gat this message:

[global]: The macrostep /path/to/my/step/step.yaml is not valid

It means your step is not a valid YAML file. Be sure that you did not use some tabulations instead of spaces or mix dictionnary and list in the same level. It is recommended to (re)read the Recipe documentation.

I have some troubles with qemu-nbd, what should I do?

qemu-nbd is heavily used is some recipes and when the recipe crash it can be left in a bad state. So, when you build you got this:

qemu-nbd: Failed to bdrv_open ...
nbd device /dev/nbd2 is unavailable

It means the that the /dev/ndb2 device is not available anymore so go to the recipe and change the value of nbd_device to something else like /dev/nbd3.


This is a cleaning problem and this is just a workaround. If you find an way to be clean the nbd device correctly lest us know!

If the problem persist you can try to reboot your computer or remove the entire build directory.

What is a mapping value?

When you write a command and you got this error:

Error: ... mapping values are not allowed in this context at line 6 column 27

In YAML the mapping value is a : character. If you put this in a command the YAML parser will not understand and raise an error. Just put some quotes around your command and that’s it!