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Kameleon is a simple but powerful tool to generate customized software appliances. A software appliances is a complete operating system image with your tools and libraries indside. With Kameleon, you can make a recipe that describes how to create step by step your own OS distribution, or you can extend a template to only add a few packages to a standard Linux distribution. Kameleon can then generate an image in any format from the same recipe build: Docker, VirtualBox, KVM, Grid‘5000,… Kameleon is made to improve reproducibility in computer science and engineering by giving you tool that achieve complete reconstructability of your appliances with ease using cache, checkpointing and interactive breakpoint.

Have a look to the Getting Started to start using Kameleon.

Kameleon in science

Kameleon was made to make experiments in computer science reproducible. If you use it in you experiment process, please cite the last publication about Kameleon that can be found on the HAL open archive:


External resources

This repository is made for the user to share their recipes and steps:


Your are strongly invited to encouraged to share your steps in this repo and to complete the wiki with links to your own Kameleon recipes:


Report a bug

To report a bug please use this bug trackers:

For the engine:
For the recipes and templates:

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